Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I was accepted to attend TEDx17thStreet, your original TEDx event at the Rubin Museum on November 3, 2012 which was sadly cancelled due to the Hurricane. Am I still accepted for TEDxLowerEastSide?

A: Yes. We will give preference to those who were accepted for TEDx17thStreet. You do not have to apply again. Since it’s unfortunate that this new date -- October 25, 2013 -- may not work for all those who bought tickets last time, we will be sending out an email on Tuesday, September 17th with a unique payment link. Accepted TEDx17thStreet applicants have until Friday, October 11th, at 11:55pm to pay. Please pay ASAP as these tickets will be on a first come, first served basis. It is important to note that your unique payment link DOES NOT guarantee you a spot. You will receive a confirmation email indicating you have a seat at the event after you pay.

Q: When will you begin accepting applications for TEDxLowerEastSide?

A: We’ll begin accepting applications as of Tuesday, September 17th.

Q: If I am applying for the first time after September 17th, when can I expect to hear about acceptance?

A: We will notify everyone, whether you are accepted or not, on Monday, October 14th.

Q: Why do I have to apply to register?

A: As TEDx organizers, we are only allowed to sell 100 tickets. Therefore, we need a way to subjectively weave together an audience which is diverse, open-minded and engaging. We spent a lot of time articulating the application essays and we believe those who will contribute the most to TEDxLowerEastSide will show commitment, generosity and positivity in sharing themselves in the essay.

Q: I imagine your event will be oversubscribed, and you'll receive well over 100 applications from prospective attendees...What happens then?

A: It is our goal to bring together people who are asking all kinds of profound questions, are answering them, and who are living them in their own unique way. While we can only accommodate 100 attendees, this event will be livestreamed on the Web courtesy of our sponsor, Watchitoo.

Q: How much will the admission ticket cost?

A: $103.20 per admission ticket. (includes a service fee).

Q: What is the structure of the day? It seems really long...

A. We have 23 speakers, some of whom will perform (tango dancing, kirtan, concert piano, magic) as well as speak. There will be three sessions, each lasting 2 hours, throughout the day, each corresponding to a stage of The Hero’s Journey: Departure, Initiation, Return. We will have an hour for lunch which will be a catered with vegan and vegetarian offerings too. After the formal TEDx is over, we will have a 2+ hour cocktail party with several more performances, and an open bar, including wine and beer and passed hors d'oeuvres, lasting until 8.30pm/9pm.



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