Todd Gailun
Chief Curator

"It is with the heart that one sees rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery, "The Little Prince”

I’m the co-founder and co-CEO of SENSOKA. We're a startup engineering a sensor measuring emotion. Our first product will be a watch (we’ll soon place sensors in clothing). Unlike other "smart watches," our sensor will have a biofeedback interface incentivizing and empowering users to manage their emotions. Channeling emotions toward a productive end is the goal of life. Our grand goal is building The Emotional Economy where sharing authentic emotion is paramount. When making decisions, emotion matters more than thought. We overweight the importance of the rational -- what IQ measures -- but intelligence suffers when emotions aren’t consciously directed. I worked at Morgan Stanley as a junk bond Internet analyst, lived in Sweden working for Ericsson, and was the evangelist for hakia, the pioneering semantic search startup. I have a degree in finance from Georgetown.

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Aksh Sharma

Aksh is a graduate of the well-known Doctor of Pharmacy program at Rutgers University. During his undergraduate years at Rutgers, he and a few friends pioneered a student community which encourages introspection, awareness, and provides meditation practices for young, energetic college students who sometimes need just that. The immensely successful project brings together a blend of intellectually stimulating philosophical discussions, yoga music, and is most known for its award-winning univerisity-wide events. Aksh performs IT consulting, and freelances in graphic design, photography, film, and web development. He is also a musician, performer, teacher, and of course a big fan of TED talks.

Taylor Humphrey

Taylor Humphrey is a poet, a romantic, and a dreamer. A self-proclaimed indigo child, Taylor has sought spiritual wisdom from various traditions to help quell her existential angst. She believes that authenticity lies not within the pursuit of intellectual stimulation, but rather, in the elicitation of feeling from the heart. Taylor curates high-profile political, business, and charity fundraisers. She aims to create an ambiance that fosters a free flowing exchange of ideas and information. While event management and production satisfies her desire to connect with like-minded folk, it also affords her the opportunity to spend time on more creative pursuits. She is currently writing a screenplay for a feature-length musical film. She hopes that her story will transmute the literary model of The Hero’s Journey into practical application so that her audience can use it as a roadmap along their own grandest adventures.

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Osher Assouline

Osher is a marketing and business development professional with a passion for innovation and tech. Upon completing her graduate degree at Wharton Business School Osher joined Saatchi & Saatchi as a director of Analytics and creative learning. An Israeli army veteran and an honoree of Kaufman Foundation FastTrac program, Osher graduated highschool at the age of 15 to pursue an international career as an equestrian. Great supporter of TED's mission, Osher has been actively involved with TED for over 4 years. Osher has lived in 6 countries and speaks 3 languages. She currently resides in Manhattan with her husband and her dog.

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Taylor Kuhn

Taylor is studying transdisiplinary design at Parsons the New School, a program that explores how collaboration across all disciplines can work to tackle the complex problems of today. Her background is in communication and packaging design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, with experience in brand development and innovation. She is currently exploring the ways design can support the wellbeing of people and planet, past projects including local and global food justice, campaigns promoting the potentials of neuroscience, and how art and rethinking physical spaces can be used to promote empowerment with one's food and overall health. She is now directing her focus on cultural evolution and it's influences, and how we can build our futures with social and environmental sustainability at its core. Follow on Twitter: @heytay

Rasanath Das
Curator Emeritus

Rasanath graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in 2000 and obtained his MBA from Cornell University in 2007. He worked as a strategy consultant for Deloitte and as an investment banker for Bank of America before becoming a full-time monk at The Bhaktivedanta Ashram. He is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, has been featured as a speaker for TEDx. and has been profiled in The Wall Street JournalThe New York Times, CNN and PBS






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